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Hello, I'm Benjamin Spring.

I am a marketer, entrepreneur and consultant from Switzerland. If you're interested by one project, in working with me, to collaborate or just want to ask a question or say hi, please reach out at info (at) benjaminspring.com.

+ What I'm working on

I run (or collaborate) in a handful of projects. I'm active in the swiss financial space, nutrition or online education for freelancers. In most of them, I run the strategic, marketing and automation side of the business.

I offer coaching & consulting in digital marketing and automation. I help B2B service providers to build automated sales funnels and marketing automation backend. If you need help, just reach out.

+ Essays

I wrote some essays in English and French. You can find them all on my blog.

+ Favorite resources


  • Antifragile
  • The Personal MBA
  • Sapiens
  • Models
  • This is Marketing
  • 80/20 of Sales and Marketing
  • How to fail at almosteverything and still win big


  • Rightmessage
  • Convertkit
  • Brizy
  • Airtable
  • Notion
+ About me 

Benjamin is an entrepreneur and marketing consultant. He comes from the swiss-french city of Neuchâtel and currently lives in Zürich.

Social medias: TwitterLinkedin

Email : benjamin (at) benjaminspring.com

Languages spoken: French, English, Spanish, German