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Turn your website into an automated lead generation machine for your B2B sales team.

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I help B2B Sales Team to create a marketing system and a sales funnel strategy to generate automatically qualified inbound leads.

Getting More Traffic

Creating a short-term and long-term traffic strategy from SEO, PPC, Paid Social Media and Partnerships to attract the right prospects to your website.

Converting Traffic Into Calls

Content Marketing, Content Offer and Landing Pages to attract, engage, educate and filters prospects and turn them into inbound leads.

Doubling Your Conversion Rates

Marketing Strategy focusing on personas, using marketing automation, personalization and ABM to segment, nurture and pitch the right leads.

2020 and Coronavirus: Futureproof your business by having a system to generate qualified inbound leads

Benjamin Spring, 11.04.2020

Creating a sales funnel or a system for reliably and automatically generating qualified inbound leads for your B2B Sales team has never been as important in a world that is going remote.

At the end of the day, some companies are scared and will suffer through the whole crisis while others have decided to play offense and will make the most out of it.

If you chose offense, welcome to the team, I made the same choice.

I laid out a 4-6 months action plan to build a really effective sales funnel for B2B sales team.

The system is based on proven growth frameworks shared by leaders in the marketing industry.

Nothing easy, but straightforward.

It will also help you scale while reducing workload by implementing the right systems and strategies:

  • Marketing Automation
  • Evergreen B2B Sales Funnel
  • Evergreen Content Strategy
  • ...

Once in place, it will help you generate qualified inbound leads automatically and at scale without relying on referrals and cold outreach...

What you should do now

Whenever you’re ready…here is how I can help you grow your B2B business:

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We'll go through a 12-Steps Funnel Audit and then suggest practical strategies to double your inbounds leads within 90 days.

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A full digital marketing system

Content Marketing (Paint-Point-SEO)

Smart keywords research, focus on a handful of evergreen articles by applying pain-point-seo strategy to drive more buyers and get out of the blogging hamster wheel.

Social Media Minimalism (Linkedin)

Choose and own "ONE" social media channel and master it (B2B= Linkedin) and see the power of #socialselling for you and your team.

Paid Traffic

Leverage 3 kind of paid advertising: Adwords for intent-buyers, Social-media (Linkedin & Facebook) to drive people to your evergreen articles and retargeting to not forget anyone.

Strategic Partnerships

Template and outreach system to create strategic partnerships (podcast tours, webinar on another company platform) that will bring your targeted leads every single day.

Email Marketing

Get out of the newsletter creation hamster wheel and create an evergreen newsletter to nurture your leads and only talk to educated and qualified leads.

A flowless B2B marketing & sales experience


Hubspot or Activecampaign as the ESP (Marketing Automation) integrated with CRM will be the powerhouse behind your system. Send automated email (marketing) and templated outbound emails (sales) easily/automatically and at scale.

Personalization, Segmentation & Dynamic CTA

Rightmessage and Typeform to segment, personalize, make the right offers to the right person, survey, qualify and passively profile your visitors and subscribers. Both tools have an amazing UX and integrate fully with any CMS and ESP&CRM.

CMS & Landing Pages

We can work with Hubspot, Wordpress (and Thrive Themes), Webflow or LeadPages.

Social Media Automation

Hubspot Social or SocialBee for our social media (evergreen) strategy and eventually Linkedin Sales Navigator.

Calendar Scheduling, Webinars and other workflows

Hubspot Meetings or Calendly(like) app directly integrate with Zoom to create great workflows. Zoom or a more automated platform to host webinars and Zapier to glue it all together.