An other consulting leads pipeline

I fucked it up.

I started consulting by accident. About one year ago, I saw that my first promising venture was shrinking.

I had no money and at the time my worst nightmare was to get a job, even part time...

So I went to freelancing.

It was the clear low hanging fruit waiting for me.

And finding clients should be easy, right?

So many businesses didn't have a website, or an outdated one...

They should answer to my cold pitch and throw money at me, it was the logical thing to do!

Didn't really work like that. My issue is that I didn't start on my own. I had zero portfolio, left my job one year earlier as an financial accountant but it wasn't in the same field. I could'nt reach each clients or my ex-company to get some gigs going. I had no leverage.

Followed one year of struggle. I made my focus the next few months to learn more expensive skills and to specialize. That's what I was supposed to do to be a successful freelancer. But I had forgotten that it wasn't the original goal...

Fast forward a few months, the situation improved.

But I was so focused on value-based pricing, finding better clients as if I was entitled and I forgot what my initial goal was.

Freelancing was just a bill-paying gig while building my own products, side-hustle or main focus.

And somehow I forgot it and didn't try to launch anything in almost 10 months..

I was so frustrated that I didn't get the amazing consulting clients that I thought I deserved, but I forgot what my initial goal was, building my own thing and being creative.

Somehow these last few days I remembered something.

I want to build, launch, create things and not only play the consulting game better.

So I decided to go back to it, creating things and freelancing on the side.

But there will be a side effect that I forgot. It was so obvious though...

If I create things, talk about it with regular content. I will slowly get better consulting gigs. Success and being public attract success.

I will skill up and rise the consulting ladder just by doing so.

Let's be honest, you'd hire a freelancer or a successful business owner to help you with your business problem ?

I'm confident that I will get better side consulting gigs just by focusing more on my own launches and being public about it.

Content scale!

But I forgot that this last year. Consulting is part of the stack, but not the goal.

I hope to remember it.

If you want to launch things, do it and spread content about it. The better way out/up is through. Skill up, succeed, learn and get better gigs (if you want them).