Hi, I'm Benjamin Spring

I’m a B2B marketer at a Swiss Fintech.
I'm passionate about marketing, technology, minimalism, books, entrepreneurship, health, travels, finance and the future of work.
I run digital marketing at GenTwo and I am based in Zurich in Switzerland.
You can contact me for a consulting project or just to say hi at info(at)benjaminspring.com.
You can follow me on Linkedin or Twitter.

My story in 60 seconds
In 2016, I left my soul-sucking accounting job to travel and rethink my career. I stopped my travel and lived in Colombia for almost a year. There, I found a tribe of digital nomads and online entrepreneurs which pushed me to launch my own online business. It failed... but for the first time, I felt empowered and started a personal and career development journey that led me to a more creative and meaningful career.
I now work in Marketing and run in parallel a handful of online projects and businesses.

"Only the autodidacts are free"
Nassim Nicholas Taleb